Artificial Grass International is a company with an aim to bring the best artificial, synthetic grass products to Torbay, Devon, South west and further afield.

We have expert installation teams to install our synthetic grass products all over the south west and the rest of Great Britain. Whether you are wanting a small front lawn, large back garden or even our top quality artificial putting surface, we can cater for any need when it comes to artificial grass. 

Artificial, synthetic or fake grass has grown in popularity in recent years, fuelled by the products now available; a look unlike the ones you used to find at the green grocers.  The now better looking natural lawn is easily achievable all year round, without the hassle, time, money and upkeep of a traditional lawn.

Here at Artificial Grass International We have a selection of artificial grass, to suit the needs of any garden. They all have different looks, feels and uses; from Suffolk our contract every day grass or dense luxury Hampshire, to our top quality professional practice green, for those of you that want to get your scores on the golf course down.

AGI Grass is ideal for pet owners; no more muddy dog coming in the house after playing in the garden. Easily cleaned and fresh after a spot of rain.

 A garden experience which is great for the whole family, especially when weather is unpredictable and the kids want to play outside; now there are no excuses if you have artificial grass from AGI as the garden is always ready for playing winter, summer, rain or shine. 

Time is a valuable thing in our busy lives! Wont it be nice to not be thinking ‘I need to mow the lawn today’? Instead get the BBQ out and invite some friends round to relax in your own perfect outdoor space.  With AGI you are buying not only a great product and service but also time; a priceless gift, the most valuable thing we have in this world.

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