Easy care gardens

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Looking for an easy care garden solution? Read on! Many people love spending hours pottering around their garden. Others would rather not spend their entire weekend mowing, weeding and picking slugs off their hostas. If you fall into the second camp, and want more time for BBQing, entertaining friends, or just sitting in the sunshine with a book, this article is for you…

Weeds away

Weeds are pretty stubborn, so it’s difficult to have a completely weed free garden without concreting over the whole thing. That being said, there are things you can do to keep weeds at bay, such as mulching with a thick layer of bark chips. When you do spot a weed, dig it out, rather than pulling it up. Pulling out a weed often leaves the roots behind, so it’ll just grow back.

Clever planting

Some plants are much more high maintenance than others. If you don’t fancy spending your evenings dead-heading, staking and pruning, go for easy care plants, such as lavenders, hydrangeas and geraniums.

Be gone foul pests

Certain plants are a magnet for pests. Hostas, for example, may as well come with a flashing sign inviting slugs to an all you can eat banquet. Choosing plants that are less enticing to pests can save you a lot of time, and pesticide. Some plants even deter pests, or attract them away from other plants. Nasturtiums, for example, can help to keep bugs away from vegetables and other plants.

Easy care garden furniture

Choose garden furniture that’s easier to care for. Wooden tables and chairs will likely need sanding and re-staining annually, while rattan, resin or plastic furniture will just need a wash down with soapy water now and then.

Easy care lawns

One of the most labour intensive tasks around the garden is cutting the grass. A large garden can easily take a couple of hours to mow, and it needs doing at least every fortnight during the summer if you want to keep it looking good.

Artificial grass is much easier to care for. A quick sweep now and then and you’re done. There’s no mowing, no feeding and no need to water it in a heatwave. You’re also far less likely to have to battle with dandelions or other weeds, but if they do pop up, a quick dose of weedkiller will do the trick, without damaging the grass.

Choosing artificial grass can help to make your home that bit easier to keep clean as well. It cuts down on muddy footprints, so there’s less need to scrub carpets and re-mop the floor.  Just make sure you choose the right grass for the space, and that you have it professionally installed. We’d be happy to talk you through all the options. Just get in touch through our contact page, or give us a ring on 01803 298155.